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Clear Lake City Water Authority

900 Bay Area Blvd.

Houston, TX 77058


Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Sat and Sun: Closed



Harris County Water Control and Improvement District #156

A Sub District of Clear Lake City Water Authority (CLCWA)

Harris County WCID 156 purchases water and sanitary sewer services from

Clear Lake City Water Authority (CLCWA).  CLCWA manages the treatment and maintenance of the Districts water and sewer system. Billing services are provided by CLCWA. HCWCID has no employees and relies on contractors and consultants to

professionally handle the other operational requirements of the DISTRICT.


For policies and procedure please reference CLCWA standards. As a sub-district, our policies are in close alignment with those of CLCWA. 

For more general information about the formation and operation of water districts, refer to:

Texas Water Districts: A General Guide

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Board Information

HCWCID 156 is managed by a 5-person board of directors.

Board Members:     


Elections for members of the Board of Directors are held in May of even-numbered years. The current election cycle is for two members in 2026 and three members in 2028.

Directors are elected for four-year terms. Election details, once they are established, will be posted at designated
public sites, here, and in the Houston Chronicle.


Board meetings are nominally held the third Thursday of January, March, May, July, September, and November at 9:30 am and are open to the public. Regular board meetings are held at the offices of Clear Lake City Water Authority, and the public hearing is held in the Clear Lake Area. A public hearing to set the tax rate for the following year is generally held in October.

Special board meetings are held when there is time-critical business to address.

Board of Directors Contact Information:

         1301 McKinney, Suite 5100

         Houston TX 77010

         (713) 651-5147

Mrs. Susan Lindamood, Assistant Secretary

Mr. Arnold Mallett, Director 

Mr. Peter Nagamani, President/Treasurer

Mr. Michael Terraso, Vice President

Vacant, Secretary 

Board Meeting



Clear Lake City Water Authority

900 Bay Area Blvd

Houston, TX 77058

Date:         Thursday, July 18, 2024

Time:         9:30am

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Tax Information

Tax Assessor Collector:

Bob Leared R.T.A
11111 Katy Fwy, Ste. 725
Houston, TX 77079-2175

Questions about Tax bill:        Call (713) 932-9011

or visit

Questions about Tax Appraisal:
Call Harris County Appraisal District at (713)957-7800 
or visit

The assessment and collection of taxes is for amortization of the DISTRICT’s debt and to cover
administrative costs.

Tax documentation is available below, Debt Service tax levy totals can be found on the tax rate component.

Financial Information

Yearly Financial Report(s):

Yearly Audit Report(s):

Change in Districts budget from 2021 – 2022

Revenues  | $171,710 | 47.65%
Expenses  | $350 | .16%

Additional records of the HCWCID 156's operations are kept at the law offices of:

Norton Rose Fulbright US L.L.P.        Fulbright Tower                    Phone: 713-651-5581 

1301 McKinney Street, Ste. 5100
Houston, TX 77010-3095

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Water Quality & Conservation


Water quality is routinely tested both within HCWCID 156 and at other locations in the CLCWA area. During the past year, all measurements of contaminants in the water supply were found to be below the maximum allowable levels established by the EPA.

Complete test results for the previous calendar year are presented in the Consumer Confidence Report, along with general information and recommendations for water conservation. 

In addition to the stewardship of water and sanitary sewer services, HCWCID 156 is responsible for ensuring that storm water drainage be at peak efficiency during storms. To assist, residents are requested to do their part by not illegally dumping landscaping debris or household materials into the storm sewer catch basins.

Used oil may be recycled at CLCWA’s facility at 17507 El Camino Real. See the CCR referenced above for further information.

All Harris County residents may dispose of their hazardous waste at the Westpark Consumer Recycle Center.

Click here for additional information and lists of acceptable and not-acceptable waste.

More information about stormwater, flooding, water quality, conservation, reuse water and sewer systems can be found on the CLCWA webpage.

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR):

District Information

Amendment to Amended and Restated District Information Form - The amendment includes the most recent rate of district taxes and the Notice to Purchasers

Water & Sewer Rate Schedules - The current water and sewer rates have been in effect since November 2022 when rates were increased to cover operating and supply expenses. Click below for the current water and sewer service rates.

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Utility Usage History


Per the mandate of House Bill 3693, all political subdivisions that are responsible for paying electric, water or natural gas utility services must:

  1. Record in an electronic repository the political subdivision’s metered amount of electricity, water or natural gas consumed; and the aggregate costs for those utility services.

  2. Report the same information on a publicly accessible internet web site with an interface designed for ease of navigation.

DISTRICT’s only operating system is a wastewater lift station located in the Pine Brook subdivision.

The Electrical Usage History for that unit can be found in the Bookkeepers Report listed under the Financial Section


City of Houston Storm Drainage Fee

***Applies ONLY to WCID #156 Houston BAY OAKS RESIDENTS***

DISTRICT’s infrastructure includes Storm Drainage:

  • For Bay Oaks residents, an area located in the City of Houston, street drainage is routed via underground storm sewer pipe connecting to CLCWA’s underground storm sewer system that provides storm drainage to the rest of Bay Oaks. Because we are providing infrastructure for the tie-in with CLCWA, we have taken the position that our Houston customers should not be subject to the City of Houston storm drainage fee. CLCWA has secured relief from these fees for its customers; however, attempts to secure relief from this unjust fee on residents in District have not been successful.

  • For Pine Brook residents, an area located in the City of Pasadena, street drainage is routed via underground storm sewer pipe to the drainage ditch on the northeast side of Middlebrook Drive. This drainage ditch empties into the Brookwood pond and then joins other surface drainage to the Galveston Bay via Mud Lake and Clear Lake.

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For all other questions:
Call CLCWA at (281)488-1164 **They will request a HCWCID-156 board member contact you.**

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