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Area Flooding

With flooding events occuring within in the Clear Lake area, the following form has been developed to report these events to the district’s engineer. Using this form will help direct the engineers efforts to these areas for inspection. These forms will be sent to our engineering consultant directly. You can email it back to, fax it to 281-488-6644, drop it off by our office at 900 Bay Area Blvd., or mail it in. Thank you for your cooperation.

Flood Education Mapping Tool

A Short History (excerpt taken from:

The Flood Education Mapping Tool was initially developed as a mapping tool for the Tropical Storm Allison Recovery Project (TSARP), which was launched shortly after Tropical Storm Allison struck Harris County in June 2001. Its purpose was to serve as a tool for Harris County residents to learn the location of their properties in relation to mapped 1 percent (100-year), 0.2 percent (500-year) and coastal floodplains. The Flood Education Mapping Tool includes regularly-updated floodplain information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM or floodplain map) for Harris County, interactive legend options, a simple map display and easy map navigation. While the floodplains shown on the Flood Education Mapping Tool are the floodplains delineated on the FIRM for Harris County, the Flood Education Mapping Tool is not the effective FIRM.


To view the maps, visit:

Topography and Drainage


The general area of the Authority ranges in elevation from 10 feet mean sea level along the extreme eastern boundary to about 35 feet mean sea level along the northwestern boundary. Substantially all existing areas or areas proposed for development within the Authority are above the projected 100-year flood plain. In the general area of the Authority, there are three well-defined major watersheds. The three major drainage channels are Horsepen Bayou on the west, Armand Bayou in the central area, and Cow Bayou on the south and discharge through Clear Lake into Galveston Bay. Drainage of the developed subdivisions is accomplished by means of enclosed storm sewer systems which outfall into improved channels of the three major streams.

Stormwater Brochure

Clean water is your business too. View our brochure on ways to protect our waterways.


Stormwater FAQ

Stormwater Quality Management Plan

The Clear Lake City Water Authority has adopted a Stormwater Quality Management Plan in compliance with state regulations. The following forms are required to be submitted annually to satisfy compliance requirements.

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