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Meadowgreen (Peermont) Drainage Improvement Project Summary

The Meadowgreen Section 1 Drainage Improvements project includes the installation of new storm sewer and drainage structures to alleviate drainage issues within Section 1 of the Meadowgreen subdivision. The Meadowgreen Section 1 Subdivision has a history of flooding in past rain events, one of which includes Hurricane Harvey in August of 2017 which flooded approximately 60 homes. The existing storm sewer system in the subdivision has significant ponding within the subdivision streets, some locations exceeding inundation depths of 3 feet during an extreme rain event such as Hurricane Harvey.

To improve drainage within the subdivision, the Clear Lake City Water Authority will be installing a new 48-inch storm sewer system trunk line installed along the opposite side of Peermont Street from the existing 30-inch storm sewer trunk line. A new 60-inch storm sewer outfall will be installed through the property at 15410 Peermont Street and a 35-foot-wide extreme event overflow swale will also be installed through the lot at 15410 Peermont Street. The proposed storm sewer consists of approximately 1,225 linear feet of 48-inch and 60-inch storm sewer pipe and upsized inlets. The proposed and existing sewer systems will be connected by two equalizer pipes. The proposed storm sewer system improvements will help mitigate flooding during future rain events, such as the 100-year and 500-year storm events.

To facilitate construction of the storm sewer system improvements, the existing 8-inch water line along Peermont Street will be replaced with approximately 1,200 linear feet of new 8-inch water line installed along the opposite side of Peermont Street. The water line replacement will begin at the intersection of Bradwell Drive and Peermont Street and end in front of the property at 15410 Peermont Street.

The proposed improvements to the Meadowgreen Section 1 Subdivision can be installed with no downstream impacts because of the Exploration Green Detention Facility that has been under construction since 2017. The final phase, phase 5, of the Exploration Green Detention Facility will start construction in early 2022 and should be completed by the end of the year.

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