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Local Church Organized a CLCWA Storm Water Detention and Drainage Area Clean-up Day


On Saturday morning, November 12th, the Clear Creek Community Church (CCCC) participated in a community service project that helped clean-up the CLCWA Storm Water Detention and Drainage Area. About 500-600 members spent the morning leveling, removing brush, and clearing the sides of the ponds.

The CLCWA greatly appreciates the CCCC committing to such a large project, and we are extremely pleased with the results. Karl Garcia, Campus Pastor at the newest CCCC campus currently meeting at Clear Lake High School said, “This is a great opportunity for our congregation to have a real long term impact in beautification of a public area used by the residents of the community.”

The former golf course was purchased by the Clear Lake City Water Authority in April to preserve the property for drainage and detention purposes and would like to see it incorporated with other multiple uses that have yet to be planned. “We are excited that community groups and churches want to help us turn the land into a beautiful area that can be enjoyed by all our residents” said James Byrd, General Manager of the Water Authority. Byrd said that the Water Authority has begun working on long term plans for the property and will be coordinating with the county, City of Houston, and local residents as part of the planning in the near future.

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