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Scouts Install 800 Storm Water Drain Medallions

Storm Drain Medallion project 2021-2023_edited.jpg

The round blue discs, or medallions, that you see attached to the tops of storm drains help remind and educate citizens about the importance of preventing pollution from entering sensitive waterways and, that storm drains are NOT to be used for dumping. Everything that goes down storm drains goes directly into our creeks, streams, and rivers.


Starting in the summer of 2021 as a Troop 849 community service project led by Kennedy Cunningham, scouts from Troops 848 and 849 have installed over 800 "No dumping" medallions on storm water drain inlets across the Oakbrook, Oakbrook West, Camino South, North Fork, Bay Pointe and University Place neighborhoods of Clear Lake City.  


Supported by the Clear Lake City Water Authority (CLCWA) and with oversight from John Branch, Chairman for CCLWA, the project focus is to protect both the waterways within the Exploration Green development and the broader Galveston Bay ecosystem into which the storm water eventually flows.  Mr. Branch is very familiar with Troop 848 as he is a former Assistant Scout Master, Committee Chair and Chartered Partner Rep. Scouts Moore and Marcelle each installed over 100 of the medallions.

Thank You, BSA troops 848 and 849

Information and photos for 848/849 troop can be found at the following website.

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