Community Project Updates

Here is a list of current leaks in the area that will be prioritized and repaired in order of severity.  With the lack of rain and extremely dry conditions it is causing more main breaks than usual this time of year.  Please be cautious when driving in the area with our crews are working on repairs.

KNOWN LEAKS: Pending Repair

4100 Long Grove (Hydrant)
1910 Fairwind
800 Orchard Peak
15800 Havenhurst
14000 El Camino Real (Hydrant)
14300 Lofty Mountain Trail
1700 Fairwind
600 Forest Lake



Calling 281-488-1164 is the best way to report leaks.***


Exploration Green Phases 1, 2, 3A, and 4 have been completed and are open to the public. Phases 3B and 5 are currently under construction.


Mowing Plan: Mowing has started on Phase 1 and Phase 3A. Phase 4 had new topsoil placed and reseeding due to the previous application not producing adequate growth. The new seeding is growing well, and a mowing plan is set to move forward soon.   Tree planting will occur from November-February. To give newly planted native grass the best chance to grow, please stay on the trails and off the grass areas.


Phase 3B is at 85% completion as of September 2022.  This area is officially closed to the public while under construction. Sidewalk trails are currently being installed. The Phase 3B section is located in the Oakbrook West subdivision and borders between Diana, Torry Pines, and Penn Hills.


Phase 5 is at 7.1% completion as of September 2022. This area is officially closed to the public while under construction. Clearing and grubbing is complete. Excavation hauling is in process. The Phase 5 section borders between Seahorse Dr, Bay Area Blvd, Seakale Ln, Neptune Ln and Gunwale.


Please be extra cautious when near the Phase 3B and 5 areas and do not enter the construction areas. For more information, please visit the Exploration Green Detention Facility page using the tab on the left.