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Vehicle and Equipment Bids
CLCWA occasionally advertises vehicles and equipment for sale in the local "Citizen Newspaper". All bids must be received in a sealed envelope and will be publically opened.

What is CLCWA Doing To Serve You Better?
Do you want to know what is going on in your neighborhood? Click here to see a list of current and future projects within CLCWA.

Have You Noticed Multi-Colored Fire Hydrants in the Area?
The CLCWA has color coded the tops, also known as bonnets, of fire hydrants in the Authority to coordinate with water main sizes. The primary purpose for this is to assist Fire Departments in quickly determining water main sizes when connecting to fire hydrants in an emergency. Secondly, this can assist CLCWA’s repair crews to more effectively determine what tools and equipment will be needed for a repair.

The following are color codes and water main sizes:
Red – 4”       Yellow – 6”       White – 8”       Green – 10-20”       Orange – 24-60”

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