Water Plant Operator

Job Summary

Assist with the operations of water production and distribution facilities in order to provide safe, clean, palatable drinking water to customer of Clear Lake City Water Authority.



Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  1. Assists in the daily inspects water production and distribution facilities and records findings
  2. Assists with the bacteriological and special water sampling required by regulatory agencies
  3. Maintains and keeps well, well pumps, motors and engines in good working order
  4. Maintains and keeps all chlorinators, scales and ammonia pumps in good working order
  5. Maintains an appropriate supply of water treatment chemicals such as gas chlorine, liquid ammonia solution, granular chlorine and other chemicals as needed
  6. Maintains and keeps all valves, booster pumps, electric motors in good working order
  7. Responds to calls on nights, weekends and holidays when “on call”
  8. Operates the water system and regulates the system through SCADA software
  9. Maintains all maintenance records of the Clear Lake City Water Authority water system and other records required by state agencies
  10. Perform annual inspections of all storage tanks
  11. Follows all regulations a set forth by the state and federal agencies
  12. Performs other related duties as required

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