Wastewater Board Operator

Job Summary

Provides detailed analysis and decision making for the operation of the wastewater plant.  Additionally, the Board Operator (3) operates, monitors, and maintains the waste water treatment plant to protect the public health in accordance with state and federal regulations.



Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  1. Responsible for operating and maintaining the WWTP equipment for treatment of wastewater to include cleaning, plant monitoring and operating equipment.
  2. Performs Operations, Maintenance, Lab testing, Process Control Monitoring, Housekeeping, Daily Reports, Manual Labor @ WWTP, Lift stations, WW collection system equipment, does related work as required.
  3. Assists with operations of waste water treatment plant to protect downstream users in accordance with applicable state and federal water quality regulations.
  4. Adjusts sludge dewatering press operations to include the polymer injection rate to achieve optimal filter cake results within applicable standards.
  5. When directed may perform basic repairs and maintenance for both treatment plant and belt press equipment such as lift station pumps and sludge pumps, jet pumps, clarifier motors, digester motors, blowers, roto-strainer and motor, backwash and skimmer pumps.
  6. Responsible for collecting samples for normal/routine samples for both internal and external lab analysis that could include: plant and press laboratory tests, acute and chronic/toxicity test, process to significantly reduce pathogens, toxicity leaching procedure and a summary of low and high effluent pH and monthly operators reports.
  7. Performs Jar testing on digester samples, spectrophotometer analysis, chlorine, ammonia, gravimetric testing, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Total Suspended Solids, Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids, Mixed Liquor Volatile Suspended Solids, and other appropriate wastewater analysis and testing as directed by the Wastewater Superintendent.
  8. Maintains all process related lab numeric documentation data to include data input using Microsoft Excel as well, charts, graphs, forms that have been developed to prove regulatory compliance which includes maintaining accurate data for all flow and other meter readings as well as all lab data.
  9. Interfaces and communicates with the outside lab when samples are to be picked up and signs the chain of custody assuring that all samples are collected and shipped.
  10. Communicates and informs the Chief Operator of any operational, data, lab, or operational issues.
  11. Assists with all schedule maintenance records, office records, and purchase order records. Informs the Chief Operator supplies need to be ordered.
  12. Maintains required range of chlorinated and dechlorinated residuals and makes adjustment if necessary.
  13. Is the primary person responsible for insuring the wastewater treatment plant’s security by managing the Front Gate.
  14. Responsible for general housekeeping duties.
  15. Performs other related duties as required

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